Drawing Paper

Drawing Paper is a not-for-profit, independently published newspaper based gallery focussed on contemporary drawing practice. Curated, designed and published by myself and Jon Barraclough, Drawing Paper is distributed freely around selected galleries and establishments in Liverpool, the UK and beyond. Issues are available for purchase. Please email for details.


Issue 6.
Published September 2012.
Co-curated with Gavin Delahunty, Tate Liverpool. Featuring work by 25 artists including: Uri Aran, Conrad Atkinson, Marc Bauer, Katarina Burin, Chila Burman, Bonnie Camplin, Rob Churm, Penny Davenport, Carroll Dunham, Dave Evans, Madeline Hall, Kate Gilman Brundrett, David Godbold, Lesley Guy, Aisha Khalid, Emma Kewley, Jim Nutt, Paulina Olowska, Carla Scott Fullerton, Richard Shields, Nastassja Simensky, Sally Taylor, Sue Tompkins, Chiz Turnross, Gregor Wright.
Issue 5.
Published April 2012.
Featuring work by 19 artists including: Jon Barraclough, Mike Carney, Rachel Cattle, Gina Czarnecki, Alan Dunn, Andrew Foulds, Mary Griffiths, Naomi Kendrick, Nick Kennedy, Jonathan Kipps, Rachel Kurdynowska, Sue Leask, Caitlin Masley, Troy Mendham, Daksha Patel, Jonathan Pilkington, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, James Tomo and Robyn Woolston.
Issue 4.
Published September 2011.
Featuring work by 19 artists including: Adam Batchelor, Bryan Biggs, Hannah Bitowski, Sophia Crilly, Frances Disley, Hilary Ellis, Paul Evans, Michael Grant, Harry Lawson, Sara Maia, Jordan Marani, Doreen McPherson, Elaine Pittwood, Tim Southall, Richard Taylor & Ross Hamilton Frew, Lucy Wilson, Zhang Zhenxue and Li Zhouwei.
Issue 3.
Published May 2011.
Featuring work by 19 artists including: Steven Appleby, Jon Barraclough, Marina Berio, Jenny Berntsson, Kimbal Bumstead, Greig Burgoyne, Mike Carney, James Clarkson, Leonel Cunha, Daniel DeLuna, Emma Gregory, Hilary Judd, Cat Lauigan, Matthew Lloyd, Mike O'Shaugnessy, Laurence Payot, Ailie Rutherford, Emily Speed, Roanna Wells.
Issue 2.
Published September 2010.
Featuring work by 19 artists including: Sachiko Abe, Jagjit Chuhan, Richard Creed, Lizzie Hall, Kentaro Kobuke, Karin Lindholm, Katherine Lloyd, James Loftus, Lucy MacDonald, Julia McKenzie, Tabitha Kyoko Moses, Al Murphy, Matt Niebuhr, Anita Plank, Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy, Kate Smith, Kirsty White, Andrew Wilson and Alexandra Wolkowicz.
Issue 1.
Published May 2010.
Featuring work by 21 artists including: Jon Barraclough, Mike Carney, Baptiste Croze, Jemma Egan, Henry Finney, Madeline Hall, Natalie Hughes, Harry Lawson, Sarah McKevitt, Hamish McLain, Flis Mitchell, Bernadette O'Toole, Richard Proffitt, James Quin, Laura Robertson, Emily Speed, Topia Gould, Sam Venables, Alan Williams, Alexandra Wolkowicz and
Ki Yoong.